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We have a broad range of assurance and advisory business skills, so we can put together exactly the right team, whatever your needs or situation. We complement our core of traditional assurance and accountancy expertise with specialists in corporate finance, business advice, technology, tax – whether corporate or VAT consulting and forensic skills.



Assurance Services

Whether it is compliance driven statutory audit work you need or other assurance services to assist you with the management and corporate governance of your business, we have a capable team who can help you using globally respected methodologies:

Advisory Services

Our broad advisory services provide advice and assistance based on financial, analytical and business process skills to corporations, government bodies, small medium enterprises and non-profit organisations in the implementation of strategies relating to creating/acquiring/financing business, integrating them into current operations, enhancing performance, improving management and control, dealing with crises and restructuring and realising value.

Finance Departments Transformation

Is your finance department/function aligned to business and achieving optimal result?


We believe that the key to a successful business is the right advice provided at the right time. If you are not happy with parts of your business and in particular the finance function or are experiencing changing and difficult market conditions, then you may benefit from advice from outside your management team.


We provide solutions without fuss at an affordable cost.


With a wide range of technical and sector network with a wide  global benchmarking ability, our team can help. Whether a task-based solution is needed or a longer strategic project fits the bill, our approach will be tailored and adapted to your needs.


Regardless of your circumstances, we’ll work closely with you at all stages of any assignment to ensure that our help is focused on your exact business needs.

Forensic Advisory services

Fraud Risk assists organisations in reacting quickly and confidently in a crisis, investigation or dispute. Through our network of highly skilled professionals we can help with complex problems providing clarity, insight and solutions and manage business controversy, meeting and maintaining regulatory compliance and improving governance standards.

Information and Technology Services

The forth industrial revolution has changed operating models extensively. Today business and technology innovation are inextricably linked and the demand for technology-enabled business transformation services is rapidly increasing. Ranging from data management and cyber risk to increased workforce mobility and virtual collaboration, the demands on technology are high to make day-to-day operations possible and ensure business continuity. Phakisa Incorporated through its network of professionals help clients with IT assurance and governance work including managing complex IT projects.

Tax Advisory

Tax legislation is increasingly getting complicated not only in South Africa but at a global level. This means that industry – from mining to professional services, advertising to agriculture, banking to media – needs innovative tax consulting services. Our network of professionals understands the role tax responsibility plays in good corporate citizenship. Through this collaboration Phakisa Incorporated remains committed to providing our clients with solid tax advice to steer them through these responsibilities. This includes advising them on how to structure their affairs in a tax-efficient way, from the general activities of the business down to specific requirements.

End to End Financial Accounting services

Phakisa Incorporated understands that juggling the accounting, financial, and operational needs of your business and actually running it at the same time isn’t always easy.


Phakisa Incorporated offers a comprehensive range of outsourced end to end services that can be tailored to meet all your needs with our dedicated teams and technology who are focused on providing businesses with outsourced expertise and support.


We can assist with your bookkeeping, management accounting, company secretarial services, and year end accounting. Also, through our online outsourced accounting service we can provide our clients with more flexibility than ever in regards to the services we offer them and the ability to collaborate and work together with our clients to ensure they receive proactive, specific and valuable advice.


Therefore, no matter what size or sector your business may be in we have the skills and expertise to assist you.

Corporate Finance Advisory services

We deliver an exceptionally high quality, friendly and cost-effective service and benefit from the full support from our network of corporate finance specialists with services ranging from due diligence, valuations (business and intangible), public private partnerships, assistance and advising acquisitions, management buyouts, and selling a business and exit plans.

Audit Readiness

Preparing for statutory audits can be intimidating and a time-consuming process and costly, but adequate planning can help eliminate audit surprises. Phakisa Incorporated team seeks to alleviate the pressure. Whether an audit is performed by the Auditor-General of South Africa (AGSA), or any other auditing firm, on-going preparation and planning throughout the year can bring about improved data quality, increase the accuracy of financial statements and performance reporting, and ultimately allow for far more effective and transparent business processes. Phakisa Incorporated professionals can help clients in both the public and private sectors streamline their operations in preparation of the annual audit.

Corporate Governance services

In recent years, investors’ research has moved beyond mere macroeconomic, industry and financial analysis to include a range of indicators about the sustainability of businesses. We have learned that environmental failures, social mismanagement or poor governance can destroy companies. Phakisa Incorporated can assist with corporate governance strategies and the identification of gaps. We can also assist with the design and implementation of a practical and operational model, training as well as a system of continuously monitoring effectiveness and compliance.

Integrated Reporting services

The financial capital providers are increasingly requiring improved quality of information and for companies to communicate broader and more relevant information that can assist in effective capital allocation decisions. Historical financial information plays an essential role in corporate reporting, but on its own, fails to provide a complete picture of business value.


More is needed to assist broader stakeholders to understand how management is driving the business forward and how changes in the business environment might present new opportunities and challenges. Integrated Reporting offers the opportunity to center business reporting on strategy and value creation, to demonstrate how the business uses capital and the extent to which it should continue to be invested in the business. Some organizations start this transition by enhancing the structure of their narrative reporting, but the true value is in the adoption of the Integrated Reporting framework as a whole. Phakisa Incorporated has extensive experience of helping various clients implement and enhance their Integrated Reporting processes.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment services

The South African government has developed a transformation strategy supported by legal structures, aimed at fostering and encouraging Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) in all levels of the economy. B-BBEE seeks to achieve multiple objectives and gets its direction from different regulators.  National Treasury sets the standards and bounds for procurement and preferential procurement; employment equity and skills development are the mandate of the Department of Labour; the Department of Trade and Industry has general oversight; and more recently, the B-BBEE Commissioner answers to the presidency on the progress of transformation.


With the changing legal landscape, compliance monitoring is becoming an ever-present reality and business has to rethink its transformation strategies to position them inside, rather than alongside, business strategy. Phakisa Incorporated network of professionals have extensive experience in advising on the transformation strategies and investments.


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